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HBH 5: The Life-Changing Magic Of A Mother’s Mindset

Episode 5
26, Mar, 2018
}59 Minutes

Show Notes

In this week’s podcast, Rhiannon chats to Darrielle Maree – a special needs mother and the founder of “Mums Reborn”. Darrielle shares her personal story of sadness, exhaustion and burnout following her daughter’s diagnosis. She recognised that this was not serving herself or her family well. Darrielle made a conscious decision to find a happier life and reaped the benefits of adopting a positive mindset and allowing herself 2 hours of ‘me time’ per week.

Darrielle went on to study holistic counselling which saw her develop “Mums Reborn”. Darrielle talks of how the online community aims to inspire, empower and support mums across the globe through their daily struggles. She has launched “Empower You”, a program where she guides you through a 3 month transformative journey. Darrielle shares many inspiring tips which you can use today to reconnect with yourself and your family.

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Rhiannon is an occupational therapist, personal trainer, GAPS practitioner and passionate autism advocate. She thinks outside the ‘diagnostic box’ and sees every child as an individual with unlimited potential.

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