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HBH 11: The Out-Of-Sync Child & Sensory Processing Strategies

Episode 11
18, Jun, 2018
}83 Minutes

Show Notes

Sensory processing can be a huge piece of the autism puzzle and when you can understand why certain behaviours may be occurring, instead of reacting to the behaviour you can bring a sense of understanding, offer strategies and learn to appreciate the difference.

Carol Stock Kranowitz is the author of the best selling book, The Out-of-Sync Child – which has sold over 1 million copies. It is an absolute privilege to be chatting to her and picking her brain on all things sensory processing. In our chat she talks us through the different types of sensory processing disorders and empowers you with strategies to support your child today.

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Rhiannon is an occupational therapist, personal trainer, GAPS practitioner and passionate autism advocate. She thinks outside the ‘diagnostic box’ and sees every child as an individual with unlimited potential.

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