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GVP 9: What’s All The Fuss About MCT Oil with Cliff Harvey

Episode 9
01, Jun, 2018
}25 Minutes

Show Notes

Today we’re talking all about MCT Oils!

To help us understand what MCT Oil is, what it’s good for and more we’re going to jump across the Tasman and speak with Cliff Harvey. Cliff is a registered clinical nutritionist and naturopath. He has been coaching people ranging from world champion athletes through to the chronically and acutely unwell to perform at their best, since the 1990s. Cliff is the founder of the Holistic Performance Institute, a private post-tertiary college, and is a doctoral candidate and researcher at AUT University where his masters research focused on the use of MCT oils to improve mood, reduce symptoms of keto-flu, and induce nutritional ketosis.

Some of the questions we cover off are –

*** How are MCTs different to other fats (and do they make you fat?)

*** What are the benefits of supplementing with MCT oil? Why is it good for you?

*** Who should consume MCTs?

*** What is the difference between each Melrose MCT oil (Original, Pro Plus, Pro Rapid)?

And much more!


GO Vita is the place to go for your Melrose MCT Oil with great specials on the 3 varieties – Original, Pro Plus & Pro Rapid. Melrose MCT Oil is a great natural fuel for brain and body – simply listen back to that answer from Cliff, choose the oil that’s right for you and head in to your local Go Vita store.

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