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GVP 5: Lycopene & the link to Heart & Prostate Health With Sam Hunter

Episode 5
01, Jun, 2018
}27 Minutes

Show Notes

Today we are talking Heart Health, Prostate Health, Tomatoes and Lycopene …. and yes there’s a major link between everything I have just said! To find out more let’s chat to Sam Hunter – Founder of the Tomato Pill Company.

Questions include –

*** Over 2.6 million Australians take statins, more than 40 million Americans and over 250 million people – that’s a quarter of a billion folks – so heart health – or the lack of it – is a major issue the world over. What does the humble tomato have to do with improving heart function?

*** What are the main benefits of Lycopene?

*** What are the common questions people have before they decide to include supplementary lycopene in their health regime?

*** For people listening who wish to go in to the Go Vita store and find out more about lycopene, what questions do you suggest they ask their in-store naturopath or Go Vita professional?

*** How does lycopene support a healthy prostate?

*** The difference in using lycopene for preventative measures VS if you’ve already been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease or prostate cancer?

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