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GVP 03: Indigestion, Gut Health & Healthy Gut Flora Balance

Episode 003
28, Feb, 2018
}27 Minutes

Show Notes

Today on the Go VIta podcast we are speaking about all things gut health.

Our very special guest has been a true pioneer in the health and wellness landscape across Australia and the western world.

Paul Keogh spent 15 years as a naturopath and medical herbalist and found that incorporating Chinese herbal extracts into his formulas provided significantly greater therapeutic and health benefits to his patients than formulating with Western herbal extracts alone.

So in 1999 he established Fusion Health right here in Byron Bay, accumulating over 2000 years of eastern and western herbal wisdom in a range of products to help improve the health of Australians and the world at large.

Today Fusion Health is Australia’s leading provider of Chinese and traditional herbal medicines in health food stores, and Paul continues to play a key role in new product development.

On this episode we cover –

** What are the most researched and reliable strains for gut health

** Why 1 in 5 Westerners suffer from indigestion, and what to do about it.

** What the signs are of poorly balanced bacteria in the gut.

** What parents need to look for in a good probiotic for their children.

** And much more!

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