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GVP 21: Perfect skin and Jojoba with Vicki Engsall

Episode 21
07, Apr, 2020
}29 Minutes

Show Notes

Skin health is thankfully becoming more a more topical talking point in the health and wellness space, and today’s guest is one of the world’s thought leaders when it comes to the skin-enriching properties of Jojoba.

By the end of this 2-part episode, you’ll know why Jojoba is remarkable for skin health as well as being great for the environment and sensational for the Australian economy.

The woman leading the charge with Jojoba in Australia is Vicki Engsall, co-founder of the Jojoba Company which she started with her father Ian more than 20 years ago.

On this episode we discuss how Vicki first fell in love with Jojoba, what makes jojoba so unique and special, how it is NOT an oil, and how to incorporate jojoba into your skincare routine.

For more info on the remarkable range of products from The Jojoba Company go to www.thejojobacompany.com.au or click here.

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