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GVP 01: Cacao & Raw Chocolate – What It Is & Why It’s So Good For You

Episode 001
28, Feb, 2018
}16 Minutes

Show Notes

Welcome to season one of the Go Vita Podcast – the show dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest wellness advice so that you can enjoy the health and vitality that you deserve.

Marcus Pearce here with you, CEO of The Wellness Couch podcast network, and on this episode we are talking all things chocolate  – and more specifically raw cacao!

To join in this podcast festival of chocolate I am joined by naturopath Ingrid Gilmour.

Ingrid has now been in clinical practice as a Naturopath for twenty years as well as being heavily involved in the natural health industry including running Go Vita Nowra with her husband Peter.

She is also a qualified health coach and loving mother of two.

On this episode we discuss –

The difference between cacao and cocoa

Where in fact does raw cacao come from?

Why cacao is so rich in antioxidants

Our favourite raw cacao recipes

What to look for when choosing cacao

And so much more!


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Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

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