Show Notes

Hello and welcome to the Go Vita Podcast – the show dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest wellness advice so that you can enjoy the health and vitality that you deserve.

And today we’re talking all about herbs … and more importantly … what herbs can help us when we need it most – whether it’s anxiety or gut problems, lowered immunity, trouble sleeping or respiratory complaints, the centuries old wisdom and power of herbs is more relevant and important today than ever before.

To help shed light on which herbs are appropriate for the different challenges of life I’m joined by Tom Mason. Tom is the managing director of PPC Herbs, a 100% Australian owned and operated, TGA certified company with almost 25 years experience in manufacturing herbal medicines and personal care products.

On this episode we look at 9 Power herbs and their connection to 9 acute or chronic health challenges –

Gut Health – Digestive Complaints or disturbances – Lemon Balm

Anxiety, Nervousness, Restlessness – Chamomile

Liver Health & Appetite – Dandelion

Immune Support – Echinacea

Moods / Healthy Mood – St John’s Wort

Heart Health – Hawthorn Berry

Restlessness and trouble sleeping

Respiratory complaints – Marshmallow

Menstrual function – heavy periods – Lady’s Mantle


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