Show Notes

Today we are talking all things Seaweed – the superfood of the ocean. Seaweed is now getting its long-overdue time in the wellness sun … for its health benefits for human beings … and for the planet. To take us through all we need to know on seaweed we’re going to shoot over to New Zealand and chat with Hayley Fraser-McKenzie from Pacific Harvest.

We discuss the three different colours of seaweed, the variety of health benefits and key nutrients – including iodine and a whole lot more. You’ll know which seaweeds are good for gut health, and what are good for cleansing. And you’ll learn why seaweed is more powerful than rainforests in storing carbon and helping the planet.

To find out great recipes and blogs on seaweed go to or click here. You can check out Pacific Harvest on Facebook and Instagram, and look for the Pacific Harvest range of products at your local Go Vita store. If you’re unsure where that is, choose the Store Locator on the Go Vita website.