Show Notes

Our next guest has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years after he originally failed accounting at university, developing chronic fatigue syndrome in the process of trying to balance the ledger before he decided to become a naturopath.

Since making that wise decision he’s gone on to also become one of Australia’s, if not the world’s leading chiropractors.

But it’s FOOD Damian Kristof is most revered for. He is host of the world’s most serialised healthy TV Show in Downsize Me and the founder of Forage Cereal.

Go Vita are the first stores in Australia to stock the brand new sprouted range of Forage Cereals – that being a Bircher, paleo and a muesli.

Forage Cereal is Australia’s only dedicated gluten free range, it’s the first fodmap certified muesli range and the only FODMAP certified gluten free porridge in Australia.