Show Notes

On this episode of the Go Vita podcast we’re talking all things Gut Health with Kale Brock …

Kale Brock is a film maker, writer, speaker and an author. He is the author of The Gut Healing Protocol and the Art of Probiotic Nutrition … creator of the Gut Healing Summit and perhaps his most famous project to date is The Gut Movie …. a documentary filmed in Namibia …. with the San tribe, exploring the role our environment has on the health of our gut.

To explore the role that our gut health plays on the BRAIN and essentially every major organ in the body, tune in to this episode with Kale. We explore –

** How the gut is like the central dashboard of the body.

** The link between gut health and mental health

** The link between gut health and autism

** The link between gut health, diet and depression

** Kale’s Top 3 inclusions and exclusions for optimal gut health

** And so much more

We hope you enjoy this edition of the Go Vita podcast … remember when next you’re in one of Go Vita’s 150 stores around Australia, grab yourself a copy of Kale’s book The Gut Healing Protocol and check out Go Vita’s incredible range of products supporting optimal gut health.