Show Notes

On this episode of the Go Vita Podcast, we are talking all things manuka honey!

To help us understand manuka honey a whole lot more I’m going to have a chat with two men who have been surrounded by honey since the day they were born – and I’m not joking.

Nicholas and Nathan Maiolo grew up watching their father Frank meticulously work the land of the fertile Cudgegong River-Valley in central west New South Wales.

Frank was producing high-quality honey products for Australians … and since the introduction of Nicholas and Nathan in to the family business in 2004, their father’s global vision for the company has been realised…

Today Honey Australia produces and packs up to 500 metric tonnes of honey annually for honey-lovers in Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, the United States and the UAE!

To provide us with an education on honey, especially Australian Manuka Honey, we’re going to shoot over to the United Arab Emirates to Dubai and say a very warm welcome to Nick & Nathan Maiolo.

On this episode we discuss –

** The difference between regular honey and manuka honey.

** Using manuka honey as a food source and a medicinal source.

** What the gradings mean on manuka honey labels (MGO and NPA).

** Recommended uses for manuka honey, storage tips, and more!


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Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash