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FLO 9: Resolving behavioural issues with Mel

Episode 9
28, Mar, 2019
}36 Minutes

Show Notes

Dealing with behavioural issues in children can be SO difficult for parents…especially when you just know that there is more to it then difficult behaviour. For some parents like Mel, this can lead to pressure from the school for a diagnosis, and decisions being made and labels being selected for your child that you don’t necessarily agree with. In this episode Mel shares with us how she held back that pressure whilst she did everything in her power to resolve her sons behavioural issues through diet, and she succeeded! This is another incredibly inspiring healing story.

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Flourish is really about hope, hope that there a way that you can heal yourself, your family, your children, your parents, even your friends. In this show you will hear everyday people share their story and experience with healing, some using the GAPS protocol, and some healing with other modalities.

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