Flourish with Elyse Comerford

FLO 23: IBS, Candida and Metals with Mary

Episode 23
24, Oct, 2019
}32 Minutes

Show Notes

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the most common issues that Elyse’s clients present with. It can be absolutely debilitating- wondering where the next toilet is, constantly being afraid of getting caught out and not making it, it is a lot of peoples worst nightmare! Surprisingly though, once you start healing the gut, it is a symptom that can resolve quite quickly. Listen in on Mary’s story as she shares her journey with IBS, and how she then begun to address candida and metals.


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Flourish is really about hope, hope that there a way that you can heal yourself, your family, your children, your parents, even your friends. In this show you will hear everyday people share their story and experience with healing, some using the GAPS protocol, and some healing with other modalities.

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