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FLO 12: Quick Tips- Follow your intuition…it may lead you to health!

Episode 12
18, Apr, 2019
}11 Minutes

Show Notes

When we are on a health journey, a lot of us are looking for the ‘answer’. That magic cure/supplement/herb/protocol/practitioner that will fix everything, then if it does we want to tell everyone..THIS is what you all need to do, it works! Well, something we know for sure is that there are thousands of things that work when it comes to health, as there are thousands (millions) of healing stories that are all unique, with something different being the ‘answer’. So the best answer to this? Follow your intuition, even science says so.

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Flourish is really about hope, hope that there a way that you can heal yourself, your family, your children, your parents, even your friends. In this show you will hear everyday people share their story and experience with healing, some using the GAPS protocol, and some healing with other modalities.

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