Be The Queen Of Your Stress

BQS 49: Look Back to Vision Forward

Episode 49
10, Sep, 2018
}12 Minutes

Show Notes

In today’s episode Dr M reflects on the journey so far with the Be the Queen of Your Stress Podcast, in planning todays episode, Dr M realised how far she’d come in a relatively short period of time with the Podcast.

Dr M shares how through the reflection of the time and improvements that have happened over the last 12 months it allows for celebration of the wins. And how this can be applied across various aspects of life and changes that we are making, whether that changes in how you are managing your stress, your meditation practice, your fitness journey or how you look after your food…

ps If you’re not sure if you are behind the 8 ball be sure to jump onto to do the free 8 Ball quiz to recognise of you are or are not adapting to stress well

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A podcast designed to help inspire change in how you see, manage and use your stress. So you can be the Queen of your Stress not your Stress being the Queen over you. Dr M shares stories, tips and tricks on how to get the most out of life.

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