Show Notes

In the second last episode of Be the Queen of Your Stress in it’s current format, Dr M is pumped to have her dear friend on Kim Morrison, .
As a 5 times best-selling author, creative director of Twenty8, aromatherapist, health and lifestyle educator and a multi-tasking mum and wife, Kim is someone who shares her essential tools for self-care, discipline, leadership and teamwork and most of all the importance of the art of self love.

Kim and Dr M dive deeper into the keys of how to Elevate, Evolve and Grow…. They dive into how to curate who you surround yourself with, the importance of forgiveness, and elevating above the shit things that happen in life so you can continue to evolve and grow.

Kim has an awesome free 10 day online seminar that will help you accelerate to join click on this link 

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