Be The Queen Of Your Stress

BQS 34: Good vs Evil Habits

Episode 34
28, May, 2018
}16 Minutes

Show Notes

In todays episode Dr M dives deep into how habits can be good or evil, or in other words that are serving them moving towards our goals or habits that are pulling us further away.

Dr M shares her own experience during the week when an old voice popped up for her and how it reminded her of the importance of being aware of our habits and how we are compounded our habits to either being healthy for us or unhealthy. She also touches on her 1-7-21 method to creating habits.

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A podcast designed to help inspire change in how you see, manage and use your stress. So you can be the Queen of your Stress not your Stress being the Queen over you. Dr M shares stories, tips and tricks on how to get the most out of life.

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