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BQS 123: Are you Aligned? with Special Guest Dr Matt Constable part 2

Episode 123
10, Feb, 2020
}23 Minutes

Show Notes

Are you Aligned? In today’s episode Dr M dives deep with her special guest Dr Matt Constable about all things ALIGNED.

Dr M and Dr Matt met serendipitously last year and realised how ALIGNED they were in their Philosophy around health, with both their foundations as Chiropractors they’re super excited to be working together in Dr Matt’s practice in Alexandria, Sydney at Inspired Body and Mind.

Dr. Matthew has been a Chiropractor in private practice for over 20 years with a holistic focus on optimal wellbeing and high performance. He has held positions in the profession including Secretary of the Chiropractic Association of Australia (NSW), Chiropractic Clinical and Business Consultant and presented extensively to health professionals and the public about health and wellness.

When Matt was faced, however, with an inoperable spinal tumour in 2012, it raised the question – What is absolutely essential to not only heal but stay well? And in this two-part series they dive deeper into that answer to that very question.

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