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BQS 112: Head Heart Gut First Q & A with Special Guest Dr Damian Kristof – part 4

Episode 112
25, Nov, 2019
}34 Minutes

Show Notes

We had so many questions at our BQS LIVE event we needed to record a podcast to answer them all…

What a beautiful way to finish our BQS live events in Shellharbour, filled with a whole lot of love and gratitude for the last 7 years of big events that we have held in Shellharbour, it’s time to change it up! Watch this space…

Very grateful that we started and finished this Chapter with the amazing Dr. Damian Kristof as our special guest speaker… eternally grateful for our friendship DK.

In this four-part series, we dive into some of the questions that were raised on the evening about stress, how to manage it, how to recognise it and then how to use it through time and energy management.

This 4th Part of the series is a longer than usual recording…. back to the regular BQS podcast format next episode…

To follow Dr. Damian go to or 100 not out and to join “BQS Movement” request to join our group on FB or to follow us on insta go to The Queen of Stress or drmariaz.

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