Show Notes

In today’s episode Dr M is joined by the enigmatic game changer Pauline Nguyen in the second instalment of this 3 part series. Pauline is a spiritual entrepreneur, award-winning author, international speaker, owns multiple businesses and is the mother of two remarkable children. Dr M met Pauline in 2016 and it was a life-changing meeting! In their pursuit of wholistic excellence, Pauline and Dr M, joined forces to form the Ziva Life Collective.

They both agreed that the time had come for a major paradigm shift in the way women practice self-care, self-expression and self-sustainability. Ziva is not a wellness retreat its an opportunity to grow and transform.

Through a powerful alchemy of neuroscience, health science, behavioural science and spirituality, they teach women how to have it all without sacrificing health and wellbeing in the process.
If you are ready to design the Next Best Version of yourself, join them at Ziva.

And over the next three episodes they dive deeper into how to recognise if you are sleep walking through life and living a life that someone else designs. They delve into what are some of the key steps to designing and expansive life and is getting away an important part of that energy and time management.

And break down Why is it important as women that we retreat to renew and recharge… the differences between how men and women recharge and the impact retreating can have for women. For more information go to

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