Show Notes

“Are you complicating your food choices, feeling overwhelmed by trying to get it perfect, no sure where to start? Over a 3 part series Dr M is joined by the Amazing Cyndi Omeara, who is an internationally acclaimed nutritionist and founder of Changing Habits, author of ‘Changing Habits Changing Lives’ and documentary creator of ‘What’s With Wheat?’. An authoritative in whole foods, Cyndi is well researched to challenge claims effecting health globally, encouraging an educated approach towards nourishment through real ingredients from trusted, sustainable sources. Continuing her desire for community wellbeing, Cyndi has developed online education courses through The Nutrition Academy, the Changing Habits Farm and an online store – Changing Habits providing organic, chemical-free, ethically sourced whole foods and household products.

Over the series Cyndi and Dr M dive into the importance of connection in life and particularly with our food. How to keep it simple so you don’t go into overwhelm. For more information about Cyndi head to or to join the nutrition academy head to

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