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BFM 49: Mobo Boards with founder Jay Dicharry

Episode 49
16, Dec, 2021
}62 Minutes

Show Notes

In this episode, Paul The Barefoot Podiatrist chats with  Jay Dicharry.

Jay is a physical therapist, researcher, teacher, author of Running Rewired and Anatomy for Runners, and founder and CEO of MOBO. He teaches internationally to clinicians and coaches to elevate the standard of care, and is widely published in gait research literature.  Jay’s passion is to find a better way to build better athletes, and his innovative approach blurs the lines between injury prevention and performance optimization. He consults with athletes across the world, the running and cycling industry, USA Track + Field, USA Triathlon, and the US Armed Forces, to find solutions and push the needle.

Tune in to hear Jay discuss the importance of biomechanics for injury prevention for multiple sports and in everyday life.

Paul and Jay also discuss topics such as gait analysis, healthy footwear choice and the importance of a strong and functional big toe.

You will also hear about the Mobo board and learn about its benefits and uses.

For more information on the Mobo boards – click here

Check out For Mobo Boards in Australia

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