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BFM 28: How Stressful Emotions Affect our Foundations with Dr Rick Schlederer

Episode 28
25, Sep, 2019
}41 Minutes

Show Notes

You guys have been asking about different therapies I like and use for myself, so here it is.

In this Episode, The Barefoot Podiatrist talks to Dr. Rick Schlederer from Better Balance Chiropractic about emotions and how stressful emotions can be stored and affect both our nervous system and our physical being.

Paul and Rick discuss how stored stressful emotions can interfere with muscles from firing correctly, which can then show up later on as movement compensations or eventually as pain.

You will learn about some different techniques that help to clear and reset stored emotions such as kinesiology and N.E.T.

You will also learn about quantum neurology and how it can be used to reset muscles that may have switched off.

For more information about Dr Rick and the treatments discussed in this episode go to

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