Show Notes

In this episode Paul, The Barefoot Podiatrist talks with Dr Benno Nigg, who is a world renowned Biomechanist and is a co-director of the Human Performance Lab at the University of Calgary.

Dr Benno Nigg discusses how he accidentally fell into biomechanics research as well as chatting about the amazing long standing career he has had.

You will learn about Dr Benno’s thoughts on pronation and whether it is a good/bad thing, as well as whether it is something we should be altering.

Also in this episode, you will hear about topics such as orthotics, footwear, ankle stability and gait biomechanics.

Dr Nigg is a wealth of knowledge and gives some great insight into biomechanics of the lower limb as well as giving some practical ideas to help you improving your own lower limb biomechanics to improve performance and aid in reducing injuries.
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