Show Notes

In this episode Paul talks with special guest Steve Willis aka ‘Commando Steve’, about how our mindset and our mind affects everything both physically and mentally.

Steve chats about the importance of CREATING SPACE for our mind, body and of course, our FEET.

Listen in as Steve discusses how creating space in your mind allows you to release tension, reconnect and feel.

Building a body that supports you begins with a strong foundation in the mind.

For anyone looking to improve their health, fitness, movement and mindset then this episode is a must.

Steve’s message is simple, but extremely powerful.

Steve Willis is one of Australia’s leading fitness experts. He has appeared as an Australian Biggest loser trainer, was a former Team Commander with the Australian Special Forces, was a successful Crossfit athlete and has Recently appeared as a contestant on the tv program Australian Survivor.

Steve is a highly qualified Personal trainer, Mentor and Coach.

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