BC 41: Peter Dr Peter Tuchin – Headaches assessment and management – A chiropractic view.

Episode 41
13, Nov, 2018
}45 Minutes

Show Notes

Peter Tuchin was employed at Macquarie University for over 27 years and has just recently retired as Associate Professor. Peter’s areas of interest and research include the relationship of posture with neck pain, headaches and migraine, chronic pain syndromes, and the relationship of vertebral artery dissection stroke with chiropractic.

Peter has had over 30 papers accepted for WFC Congresses, and received several international research awards. Peter conducted one of the largest RCT’s on chiropractic and migraine to date (JMPT 2000) .Peter was recently made a member of the WFC Disability and Rehabilitation Committee, which is an international committee with many prestigious members.

Peter has also maintained very successful private practice in Chiropractic and has treated many patients over his 30 years in clinic.

Peter has been President of COCA and recently received Life Membership of COCA in 2017.

Peter discusses with Paul and Bianca the ins and outs of assessing and managing headaches.

 Peter is a keynote speaker at NeuroLogic Education’s  next seminar event :  Integrative Therapies for Headache and Migraine from 1st to 3rd March 2019 at CQU at 400 Kent St  Sydney with details at

Peters new business management project  – the CAM Financial Group – that has been created to help chiropractors with high quality, practice and financial coaching.

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