BC 29: Anthony’s last BACKchat podcast. Paul interviewing Anthony on his take on BACKchat’s 5 pillars of health

Episode 29
03, May, 2017
}53 Minutes

Show Notes

  • This is a podcast with a difference, check a new intro and extro.
  • It is also , with some sadness , Anthony’s last BACKchat podcast.
  • Paul asks Anthony on his take on the 5 pillars of health – Thinking, Moving, Eating, Sleeping and Neurology. Anthony blends answers from those shows relevant to these topics as well as his anecdotal experiences.
  • We wish to thank Anthony for his great work as co-host. Our first show was with Chiropractic Icon – Dr Paul Noone – on the 4th March 2015. In just over two years we have interviewed guests from all around Australia, USA and New Zealand.
  • We have interviewed leaders in Chiropractic (in alphabetical order)– Matt Antonucci , Brandon Brock, Krista Burns, Professor Ted Carrick, Gerry Clum , Kelly Holt, Genevieve Keating , Peter McGlynn , Russell Mottram ,Paul Noone, ,Marc Pick, Carlo Rinaudo, David Traster and Scott Wustenberg.
  • We have interviewed Surgeons in Mr David De La Harpe, Jason Harvey and Sasha Roshan , as well as GPs Drs Margaret Beavis, Terrence Heng , as well as Integrative doctor, Dr Tania Ash.
  • We have interviewed Exercise Physiologist (and Chiro) Tim Robards, Naturopath (and Chiro) – Damian Kristof, Podiatrist – Tony Massarotti, Psychologists – Dr Richard Chambers and Dr Stephen Mackenzie and Physiotherapist –Varsha Bhikha.
  • We have interviewed inspirational individuals – Lisa Cox, Chris Ennis, Rachel Lane, Mandy Mercuri, Wayne Schwass and Glenn Williams.

BACKchat will move forward with two new co-hosts so have a listen to hear who will join us in BACKchat 30.

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BACKchat is hosted by chiropractors Dr. Paul Bergamo and Bianca Dobson. BACKchat is a thought provoking health podcast, empowering you to live to your true, health potential. We discuss with leading health experts and inspirational individuals, the importance of the 5 pillars of health: “Thinking, Eating, Moving, Sleeping and your Neurology.”

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