BC 22: Varsha Bhikha (Physiotherapist) – Urinary Incontinence – overcoming the stigma associated with this condition

Episode 22
28, Sep, 2016
}31 Minutes

Show Notes

Varsha’s BIOG :
Musculoskeletal physiotherapist who completed a bachelor degree at Monash University in 2013 and  is currently completing post graduate studies in pelvic floor physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne

Work at Back In Motion, Wantirna South, where main focus is women’s health and pre and post-pregnancy related issues

  1. What is Urinary incontinence? What is the difference between stress and urge incontinence?
  1. Who is at risk of incontinence?
  1. What are the signs/type of urine leakage?
  1. What are the pelvic floor muscles and what is the assessment of the pelvic floor assessment ?
  1.   What can physiotherapy do for incontinence?
  1. What tips can you give to prevent incontinence?
  1. How do people get in touch with a pelvic floor physiotherapist? What study does a pelvic floor physiotherapist do?

Varsha is a Physiotherapist from the Back In Motion Health Group –Wantirna South – and with her keen interest in Clinical Pilates and  Women’s Health can be contacted via the /wantirnasouth.

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