Episode 15
13, Apr, 2016
}37 Minutes

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Damian’s Biog

Dr Damian Kristof is Nutritionist, Naturopath and Chiropractor with over 20 years of clinical experience. He has extensive media experience with the TV – New Zealand’s Downsize me that premiered on Channel 7 Two in 2014. He is a health expert on the Melbourne’s top rating radio drive time show the Rush Hour with James Brayshaw and Billy Brownless .Damian has contributed to over 400 podcasts with the Wellness Guys and a 100 Not Out.



  1. Fats – What are they?  How did the low fat diet come about?  Are fats really bad from us?
  2. Gluten free – Coeliacs vs gluten intolerant?  What is gluten and what foods have gluten in them. Is gluten free really dangerous? What is the research coming from Harvard University on gluten?
  3. Protein powders – are they good for you?  Athletes?  Are some better than others? Whey Proteins – Yes /No.
  4. Electrolyte drinks – Gatorade, etc – AFL footballers drink them while still on the field after a game?  Good marketing or good nutrition?
  5. How much water do we really need? What formula prescription for water intake per day based on body weight?  Can you drink too much water?

For more information about Damian, his events and all that he does. For more information on his incredibly nutritious and yummy breakfast and healthy snack foods Forage, visit

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