BC 12: Dr Peter McGlynn – Integrating Public Health Measures into Private Practice

20, Jan, 2016
}37 Minutes

Show Notes

Dr Peter McGlynn Biography  – a chiropractor of 30 years clinical experience with post-graduate qualifications in functional neurology and a Masters in Public Health. Peter is currently a PhD candidate (Public Health) at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) looking at nutrition and maternal and child health in Papua New Guinea.  He is interested in the integration of research, public health and clinical practice in both developed and developing settings.


What is Public Health?


What public health initiatives are relevant to private practitioners like chiropractors, as well as other health professionals?


What skills can health practitioners bring to public health?


Patient empowerment and public health. How does this relate to maintenance or wellness care?


What are the areas of controversy within public health?


What are some of the ingredients of successful public health campaigns?


What gets the message across – using pain or pleasure methods?


Tackling the obesity issue in a developed country.


Practice Development –  Choose the specialty and then work on collaborations for the rest!


Three take home messages to learn from this podcast.


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