BC 07: Dr Stephen McKenzie On Mindfulness

07, Oct, 2015
}39 Minutes

Show Notes

  1. Welcome to our health expert – Dr Stephen McKenzie PhD Psychologist and Mindfulness expert,
  2. Author of two books: 1) “Mindfulness for Life” (with Dr Craig Hassed) and 2) “Mindfulness at Work”
  3. What is Mindfulness?
  4. The importance of being of being aware and accepting of our awareness
  5. Heartfulness = Mindfulness
  6. Meditation is formalized mindfulness
  7. Vipassana meditation – “To see things as they really are”
  8. Our culture forces us to be so busy doing ‘Stress’ …we need time to be ‘Present’
  9. Mindfulness is not something you learn, it’s something you remember
  10. Health advantages of mindfulness
  11. Body Scan Meditation – a live example of mindfulness but DO NOT PERFORM THIS WHILE DRIVING
  12. Top 3 mindfulness take home tips

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