BC 05 : Dr Marc Pick Live at 7th Annual AAFN Annual Conference, Sydney, Australia,2015

Episode 5
26, Aug, 2015
}46 Minutes

Show Notes

1. Paul Bergamo and Anthony Coxon welcome Dr Marc Pick to the 7th Annual AAFN Symposium, in Sydney, Australia

2. Dr Pick explains his life before chiropractic

3. Non-pharmaceutical approaches to depression.

4. Tonic eye movements and the sedentary posture

5. The relationship of the spinal adjustment and the cerebellum

6. Efferent copy and feed forward mechanisms with the cerebellum

7. The environment and genetics

8. Semi-circular canals and scoliosis

9. The Chiropractic ‘water-bed’ adjusting table

10. Where is chiropractic today and what does chiropractic have to do now to ensure longevity in the future?

11. Spinal subluxation

12. One of the secrets to Dr Picks career success

13. A different way to Practice Build

14. The Pearl to enhance your Balance

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