Show Notes

Bruce’s BIOG

In the 60s, Bruce completed his Science degree majoring in Biology and then went onto complete his PhD at the University of Virginia in Developmental Cell Biology.

He has been principal author of three books and in part of 8 books and been published in many peer reviewed journals

In the last decade he has been in the Visiting Faculty at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in Auckland.

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Podcast questions
1. What is epigenetics and how does it differ from genetics and genetic determinants?
2. How does epigenetics help the person recognize they are not destined to a death sentence?
3. What do you mean when you refer to behavioural epigenetics?
4. What does the science tell us about how stress effects our brain and how does this relate to epigenetics and behaviour?
5. How do our thoughts – positive or negative – affect our brain and behaviour?
6. How does the brain of a child differ before or after 7 years of age and how this is important when say, for instance, coaching a child in sport?
7. Do you think that our brains are driven by pain or pleasure?
8. What do you predict will be the next emerging science?