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QCC 163: Gut Health – Where Do I Start?

Episode 163
11, Jun, 2021
}17 Minutes

Show Notes

“Gut health – Where do I start??”

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This week I answer the question of where to begin when you want to work on improving your gut health, but feel like it’s all too overwhelming.

I share simple steps for a gentle approach to healing:

1) Start slowly!

2) Add in before taking out. Healing foods to focus on adding in:

meat stocks

good fats

– eggs, especially yolks

– organ meats

– bone marrow

– fermented foods

3) Transition to a whole food diet

4) Remove hard-to-digest sugars and starches from your diet while healing

5) Eat nutrient-dense meals to reduce the need for snacking

If you need support, recipes and professional health advice to help you on your gut-healing journey, consider joining The Gut Health Formula, an 8 week program I run with Elyse Comerford, Integrative Nutritionist and GAPS Practitioner: Find Her Here!

You will also find plenty of gut-friendly recipes on my blog Quirky Cooking, and in our Life-Changing Food cookbook

Watch the video Here!

If you have a question you’d love for me to answer in my podcast videos, email me at [email protected] with the subject line, “Ask Me a Question”.

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