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QCC 161: Lamb, Leek, Lentil, Lemon Soup + Gut Health Q&A

Episode 161
31, May, 2021
}71 Minutes

Show Notes

Learn how to make a delicious lamb, leek, lentil and lemon soup, and get some tips for starting on your gut-healing journey!

Elyse Comerford, nutritionist and GAPS practitioner, joins me on the show to talk about healing the gut without getting bogged down by stress and overwhelm. We also give an overview of our gut health coaching program, “The Gut Health Formula”.

You can watch the video here on my YouTube channel!

Subjects covered in this podcast:

– what are the symptoms of poor gut health?

– should I get testing done to see if I have leaky gut?

– what are the first steps for healing the gut?

– what impact does stress have on gut health, and how can I better respond to stress that I can’t control?

– how do I begin to change my diet without feeling overwhelmed?

– what resources can I access to help me learn more about healing naturally?


How to Make Meat Stocks, video here!

NOTEWORTHY QUOTES: “Improving your health and having a healthy diet is not about willpower. It’s not about shame, blame, guilt and deprivation. If that is the approach you’re taking… *spoiler alert * …It’s not going to work!. It’s never going to work.” – Elyse Comerford


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