AQJ 148: Navigating Parasites, Metals and Candida When Healing

Episode 148
25, Oct, 2019
}55 Minutes

Show Notes

In this episode, Jo chats with Elyse Comerford, Integrative Nutritionist and GAPS Practitioner, about where to begin on your gut healing journey when you suspect metal toxicity, parasites and/or candida are an issue. This is a question that comes up a lot in the Quirky Cooking for Gut Health chat group… Do you start with blasting the parasites to get them out of your system? Do you start with a gung-ho metal detox? Do you start with strong anti-fungal medications for candida? It is very tempting to take a ‘hard-core’ approach in the hopes of quickly removing these issues… but is this the best way forward?

Listen as Elyse explains how these issues develop, and why it is absolutely crucial to take a gentler, step by step approach on your healing journey by focusing on healing the gut first, and how damaging it can be when we take drastic approaches to health.

If you want to heal more quickly and cause less damage to your body, then this is a must hear!

Useful Links:

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Layers of Healing, episode 98 with Elyse Comerford (start at 20 mins for main interview)

Elyse’s blog post about meat stocks and bone broths

Podcast with Becky Plotner discussing meat stocks (and lots of other interesting things!) 

Contact Elyse Comerford, and Elyse’s Facebook and Instagram

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