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AQJ 144: Understanding Histamine Intolerance

Episode 144
23, Aug, 2019
}83 Minutes

Show Notes

Many people struggle with histamine reactions and have been diagnosed with Histamine Intolerance or Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and have had to limit their diet to reduce reactions.

What do these terms mean? What are the symptoms and causes? And what can you do to heal from these issues?

In this interview, Elyse Comerford (nutritionist, health scientist and GAPS practitioner) explains:

  • the natural function of histamine in our bodies
  • causes for an imbalance of histamines in the body
  • what histamine reactions look like, and how they differ to die-off reactions
  • first steps to healing – taking it slowly
  • having a mindset of healing with food, rather than just avoiding foods that cause reactions
  • two very important foods t0 help with healing
  • how the GAPS diet can help, and the mistakes people often make when trying this healing diet
  • other factors besides diet and nutrition for rebalancing your system

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