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AQJ 142: Helping Teens to Eat Well, with Dr Damian Kristof & Jo Whitton

Episode 142
15, Jul, 2019
}68 Minutes

Show Notes

As kids get older and become more independent, they sometimes begin to move away from the healthy foods they’ve been raised on. Hanging out with friends, getting their license and first car, going off to work or uni, going to parties and places where the food is far from ideal… Parents often feel stressed about their teenagers reduced interest in eating healthy food during this stage of life! If teenagers are not part of a ‘health conscious’ peer group, it can be hard for them to eat differently to their friends.

In this podcast, Fouad interviews Dr Damian Kristof (naturopath, nutritionist and chiropractor) and Jo (Quirky Cooking) about how they’ve coped with the teenage years and their kids’ food choices. They discuss how they taught their kids to eat well while young, the difficulties they’ve faced along the way, the changes that happen in the brains of teenagers and how it affects their food choices, what to do when kids get ‘off track’ with their eating, how to help teenagers to take responsibility for their own food choices, and much more.

Useful Links:

Listen to Jo’s son Isaac talk about diet changes from a teenager’s perspective 

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Damian’s seminars, “The Power of Food” and “Crack Your Stress Code”

Damian & Marcus’s Podcast, “100 Not Out” (all about ageing well)

Read Jo’s story, and how her family healed with food

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