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AQJ 135: Empowering Parents of Kids on the Spectrum, with Rhiannon Crispe

Episode 135
22, Mar, 2019
}59 Minutes

Show Notes

Rhiannon Crispe is an occupational therapist and passionate autism advocate. She thinks outside the diagnostic box and sees every child as an individual with unlimited potential. On this episode, Rhiannon shares some of the ideas and interventions that can empower parents of kids on the spectrum, and explains that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to the complexities of autism. Jo and Rhiannon discuss questions such as:

– What is autism?

– How has our understanding of autism changed over the past 50-70 years?

– If autism is a behaviourally defined condition, why do we need to be
looking beyond the behaviours?

– Can nutrition make a difference for autistic children?

– What can parents do at home to support the health and development of
their child?

Rhiannon is the host of Homebase Hope a fortnightly podcast dedicated to empowering parents of kids on the spectrum. She is hosting Australia’s largest free and online autism event in April – The Autism Summit.

Useful Links:

Rhiannon’s Website, Homebase Hope

Australia’s largest, free and online, Autism Summit – learn more here

Our Quirky 10th Birthday Giveaway! 

Hope for Health Indigenous Health Retreat, Darwin

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