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AQJ 122: Hope for Health – Reawakening Indigenous Health

Episode 122
14, Sep, 2018
}87 Minutes

Show Notes

Earlier this year, Jo and Fouad were excited to connect with Dr Kama Trudgen and Tim Trudgen of Hope for Health and learn about the important work they are doing with the Yolngu people in Arnhem Land, a remote part of the Northern Territory of Australia. In this podcast they interview Kama about the story of the Yolngu people, and how Hope for Health is helping to reawaken their health and wellbeing by combining traditional practice with modern approaches to health.

For thousands of years the Yolngu of East Arnhem Land had thrived, enjoying a vibrant and self-reliant culture. However,  in just 50 years their diet has changed so dramatically that they now face a significantly reduced life expectancy due to a resulting epidemic of chronic disease. But there is hope.  Through the development of this Indigenous-driven, diet and lifestyle program, the community is seeing transformational changes. By blending traditional Yolngu culture with experiential nutritional education and an integrative approach to medicine a movement within the community has been created. We welcome you to join us in supporting this pioneering program empowering the Yolngu people.

Jo and Fouad will be joining Hope for Health on their next retreat as volunteers, managing the kitchen and cooking nourishing food for the attendees and workers. Hope for Health depends on donations and community support for these retreats, so if you’d like to do your bit to help, please see links below. Thank you!!

Useful Links:

Learn more about Hope for Health

Join Hope for Health on this journey by becoming a regular monthly sponsor or making a one off donation: https://www.hopeforhealth.com.au/donate

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