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AQJ 110: Lyme Disease & Other Stealth Illnesses

Episode 110
08, Jun, 2018
}85 Minutes

Show Notes

In this episode, Amina E. Hillier, naturopath, medical herbalist and nutritionist from Noosa, Australia, shares with us the importance of integrative medicine for the treatment of stealth diseases. Amina specialises in Lyme disease, mould illness, biotoxins and immune challenges, helping many patients whose cases have been put into the ‘too hard’ basket to regain their health! She is also currently studying nutrigenomics to better understand the interaction of nutrition and genes.

Useful Links:

You can find out more about the work Amina does on her website,  http://lymenatural.com

Amina’s book, Lyme Natural, is very helpful for those with any stealth diseases, autoimmune diseases, or any food and environment related chronic illnesses.

You can also find Amina on Facebook here.

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