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AQJ 106: Healthy Feet with the Barefoot Podiatrist

Episode 106
08, May, 2018
}103 Minutes

Show Notes

While the majority of the podiatry world is prescribing more foot and arch support in the form of supportive footwear or orthotics, Paul Thompson (known as The Barefoot Podiatrist) is taking almost the exact opposite approach.

Giving the foot less support and using specific exercise and movement patterns allows for proper strength and postural development. This is a great episode that introduces the concept of barefoot or minimalist footwear and is especially important for those of us with children, or those who deal with their own foot and postural issues.

In the intro, Fouad also gives us a little glimpse into his recent “Vision Quest” wilderness experience – nine days in the bush with no phone or technology, water fasting for four of those days, and taking some time out to rest, refocus and reset. What a beautiful experience! This will inspire you to put down your phone and get out in nature yourself, even if it’s only for a few hours!

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