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AQJ 103: Healing Eczema with GAPS

Episode 103
13, Apr, 2018
}64 Minutes

Show Notes

The subject of healing eczema generates a lot of conversation in the Quirky Cooking community. In a previous episode with naturopath Liezel Barnard of Weleda Australia, we talked about topical applications that can help the skin to recover. Today’s episode with Elyse Comerford, health scientist and GAPS practitioner, takes the conversation further, to the importance of finding the root cause of the eczema. Elyse clearly and simply explains practical steps for a nutritional approach to healing, using the GAPS protocol.

Useful Links:
Elyse Comerford, Health Scientist and GAPS Practitioner: http://www.elysecomerford.com/
Join us for our Life-Changing Food seminars to learn more about healing with food: Life-Changing Food Events.

Natural, non-toxic balm that is great for eczema sufferers: Good Mood Food Healing Balm

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