Show Notes

When you’re working on healing gut issues with the added challenges of MTHFR gene mutation, histamine issues, candida, heavy metal toxicity, allergies, etc, it’s vitally important to take each step slowly and carefully. In this episode, Jo and Elyse Comerford (GAPS practitioner and nutritionist) talk through the challenges of working through the layers of healing, not rushing through, and facing each new challenge as it arises with trust that you are on the right journey. Elyse reminds us that even when you seem to be getting nowhere, your body is working hard under the surface to make you well again, so it’s important to not give up – keep on with all the nourishing foods and the rest and the sunshine and clean water and getting out into nature and swimming in the ocean or lakes and all the things that help the body to heal, and trust you are making progress.

We also continue with last week’s discussion about MTHFR and histamines, and answer nitty gritty questions from readers about MTHFR, heavy metals, parasites, signs and symptoms of these health issues, and knowing when to test and when to wait. (We go into a lot more detail about MTHFR and testing in the last episode, Healing with MTHFR & Histamine Issues.)

We highly recommend getting in contact with Elyse if you need a practitioner’s help with working through these difficult health issues. You can find Elyse’s website here:

Elyse also has a gut health retreat coming up in Byron Bay in July – find out more here:

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