Show Notes

There are many variables when working through gut health issues, and one that seems to throw a lot of people into a spin is the MTHFR gene mutation. It suddenly seems to be very common… is that because there are more genetic mutations these days, or just because more people are getting gene testing done and finding out about it? What about all the people in past generations that had it – why didn’t they suffer such adverse affects as people do nowadays? How is it linked to histamine reactions? And if it’s genetic, can anything actually be done about it? Or are you stuck with the MTHFR and histamine problems for life?

Elyse Comerford, health scientist and GAPS practitioner, joins us in this episode to talk us through the above questions, and many more, in a scientific but easy to understand way. If you are struggling to cope with detoxing and gut healing, and MTHFR and histamines are doing your head in, you need to listen to this podcast!

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