Show Notes

In our modern society, fasting is often considered to be starvation, but it has historically been a revered tool in most cultures on the planet. Whether for spiritual or health reasons, our ancestors’ approach to fasting is now scientifically shown to promote incredible health benefits. We are joined on this episode by our friend Marcus Pearce to discuss different ways to fast, and our own experiences. Both Marcus and Fouad have done 4-5 day water fasts, and share their experiences and the benefits, as well as the steps they took to work up to a successful water fast. Whether you’re wanting to know how and why to do a liquid fast (juices and broths), how to do intermittent fasting (half days or full days for a day or two each week), or longer fasts like those that Marcus and Fouad have experienced, you will find this a fun introduction to the topic of fasting!

See Fouad’s video about his first two days on a water fast, here.