Show Notes

Happy New Year, from Jo and Fouad! We are excited to be back, and we have a great line-up of interviews in the new year!

To kick off the year, we’ve decided to reshare an older podcast as it’s one that we think will be really helpful to those of you wanting to make gut healing your goal for this year.

If you are beginning the GAPS protocol in January, or are working towards gut healing in other ways, have a listen to this talk by Elyse Comerford to help you understand the science behind GAPS, the steps you need to take towards healing the gut, and how GAPS works to nourish and heal your body.

Elyse is an experienced GAPS practitioner who helps to coach our gut health program members through the early stages of the GAPS protocol. She shared this talk at our Life-Changing Food Gut Health Retreat last year, and we found it so helpful we wanted to make sure it was available to those who couldn’t make it to our retreat. Elyse’s focus is on nourishing the body with healing foods, supporting the body to detox effectively, and taking a ‘do no harm’ approach to healing. You’ll find it encouraging, educational and inspiring, whether you have been on the gut healing journey for a while, or you are just beginning to look into it.

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