Show Notes

• The Q & A with Jo and Fouad begins at: 4 minutes ~ 30 seconds

For the last podcast of the year, Jo and Fouad recorded a fun, live video-podcast, where they answered questions asked by readers on Facebook. This episode is called “Ask Us Anything!” and the questions cover everything from ‘how did you meet?’ and ‘if you were stranded on a desert island and could only have 5 foods, what would they be?’ to ‘how do I get my white-food-loving child to eat vegetables?’ and ‘how do you glaze a Christmas ham?’

You’ll learn about the best Christmas gifts to make in a Thermomix, what things they don’t travel without, their thoughts on chemical sweeteners like xylitol and erythitol, which sweeteners they prefer to use and why, what foods they love and hate, what to do when you’re pregnant and craving heaps of carbs, and whether they’ve ever lost their cooking mojo and how they get it back when they do!

Get to know Jo and Fouad a bit better and learn lots about food (and healthy eating with enjoyment!) in this episode.

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