Show Notes

Lucie McCullough, international interior designer and building biologist, aims to show the world that it IS possible to have beautifully designed homes that are also healthy sanctuaries from the world! In part 2 of “Designing a Healthy Home,” Lucie discusses questions that arise when we consider the bombardment of toxins in our homes and the environment around us, such as:

  • Is it possible to recover from mould illness, sensitivity to EMFs, and other environmental overloads that can result in chronic illness?
  • What are some simple ways to reduce the toxic load from our environment and boost our immune systems?
  • How can we reduce exposure when living near a phone tower, or surrounded by wifi in home, school and workplace?
  • How can you measure the level of EMFs in your home?
  • How can we reduce our children’s exposure to EMFs when they are using smart phones, tablets and computers?
  • How can electrical panels, smart meters, dirty electricity, fluorescent lighting, CFL bulbs, and other common hazards in the home affect health, and how can we minimise harm or find other alternatives?
  • What toxins do we need to be aware of in furnishings, cushion fillers, mattresses, paints, lighting, carpets, air conditioners, building materials, fragrances, cleaning products, etc, and what are some natural alternatives?
  • How can we create a healthy sleep environment and make the bedroom a ‘sanctuary’?
  • What is the difference between ‘green’ building, and a well-designed building that is not just green in name, but is truly an extension of nature?

As Lucie says, “Yes we live in a scary world, but all we can do is what we can do”. Technology has brought many changes to our lives, and it all seems to be gallivanting along at a rate that’s totally out of control, with minimal testing, so parents need to be proactive and make sure we are boosting our children’s immune systems as much as possible. Lucie talks about the importance of teaching our kids to “fall in love with living a healthy life”, so they can go off into the world and look after themselves, and have the best chance for a healthy future.

Jo, Elyse and Lucie end the podcast with a discussion about Lucie’s 350 year old luxury chalet in the Italian alps, Baita 1697, and the traditional, clean methods used in its building and design. “Baita 1697” is the ultimate in luxury, as it combines beauty, elegant design, and health – a true sanctuary from the world!

Come stay at Lucie’s beautiful chalet with us during our Luxury Health Retreat, and learn about healing from the inside out (gut health, reducing stress, slowing down and taking time to rest), and from the outside in (reducing the toxic load in your home and environment).

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